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"Xinghai Cup" National Children's Piano Competition

Date:2016年8月12日 10:57

  1985 To further promote music education, and enhance the popularity and playing piano teaching children the level as quickly as possible, Professor Zhou Guangren, far Ling, Jin Aiping Wu Yuan and other four Central Conservatory of Music and the School of decisions and co-founder of Beijing Beijing Piano Factory children's piano competition. The idea was quickly supported by the honorary president of the Central Conservatory of Music when he was Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, Zhao Feng and when he was deputy mayor of Beijing, Chen Haosu. After strenuous efforts, and finally in China North Light audio-visual arts companies, personnel exchanges Huayuan Development Company, Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau, Beijing Municipal Education Bureau, the Chinese Musicians Association Beijing Branch, Beijing TV, Beijing music Daily, Beijing Daily, KONE Beijing Evening News, Beijing central Conservatory of Music musical instrument Association and co-host, the first session of the Beijing children's piano competition on 6 March 1985 to 10 days jointly organized in Beijing, Zhou Guangren as jury chairman, Liu Shikun, Jin Aiping, far Ling, Bao Huiqiao and other 14 pianists, professors, lecturers jury.



At that time the CPC Central Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Xiangqian, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Xu Deheng, CPPCC Vice Chairman Xiao Hua Lu Ji and music arts, Zhao Feng,

Liu Boshu, Gu Yuan are race inscription, painting. This session of the game, a total of 304 players participated in the game, there are 39 award.


  Beginning in 1987, the second session of the Beijing Children's Piano Competition, the official title of "Xinghai Cup" organizers have Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing Xinghai Musical Instrument Company, Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau and other units of seven co. The Committee continues to serve as Chairman of the race by the former vice mayor of Beijing, Chen Haosu, Vice-Chairman appointed by the famous composer, Professor, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, president of the Central Conservatory of Music Wu Zuqiang, jury chairman and vice-chairman respectively, by Ling and Zhou Guangren far as, judged by Jin Aiping, Shi Shucheng, Li Qifang, Bao Huiqiao twelve well-known as a pianist.



  From the third "Xinghai Cup" Children Piano Competition start into a national competition. Still adhere held every two years. 20 years "Xinghai Cup" growing influence "Xinghai Cup" coverage more widely, "Xinghai Cup" authority higher. It makes Lang Lang, Wang Xiaohan and so many young pianist talent, become famous and popular in the world. Is "Xinghai Cup" gave them to showcase their talent. It is also more child fairly constantly show themselves, to exercise their own to improve their ladder and stage.


  "Xinghai Cup" is currently the only national Children's Piano Competition organized by the Ministry of Education approved. It has the longest history, the most authoritative and influential, the most extensive coverage and so on. Regardless piano children participated in many kinds of games, finally, we have to participate in the "Xinghai Cup" competition for the highest standards. There has been a lot of players are participating so far beyond the age of the game.

  "Xinghai Cup" competition is the most serious and most rigorous. She began to select the previous judges to consider fairness. Because they are specialists in the country music college professor and authority, judges wide range, high level, most of the domestic piano competitions. Therefore, they have greater fairness and authority. In addition, the selected repertoire, also first consider the basic piano teaching, abandoned the flashy factor; secondly, taking into account the lyrical play a song, the children's attention to the characteristics of interest; thirdly, emphasizing China share music, highlighting the object and purpose of organizing "Xinghai Cup" competition.



  "Xinghai Cup" contest launched the previous winners are representative of the Chinese children's amateur and professional education, and continuously improve the modern piano level in recent years, winning in different types of domestic and international competitions in China small players a lot of people are "Xinghai Cup "piano competition leader. According to incomplete statistics, ranking obtained in different types of national and international competitions in "Xinghai Cup" small players there are more than 20 people, as Spain has won the 38th, 39th Maria kanamycin Roxy International Piano Competition a second group, the first of Li Chen and Miao Ningbo;? 93, 1995 United States Stravinsky international Youth piano competition are eligible for group B, group C first place Xun Wang, Chi Yalin; Salt Lake City Gina Baucau Le Grand international Youth piano competition first prize flourish; 95 in Sendai, Japan in the second Tchaikovsky international piano competition juvenile Lang Lang; 96 Sixth

Missouri Southern International Youth Piano Competition of MRS; 97 years of the 46th Munich International Piano Competition prize youth group Wang Xiaohan. Therefore, "Xinghai Cup" National Children's Piano Competition influence in the country is growing, more and more players, has been involved in the country's 28 provinces and cities of more than 10,000 child fairly participate in the race. Party and state leaders and the Beijing leadership and veteran music arts are on the "Xinghai Cup" children's piano competition very seriously, has repeatedly encouraged the inscription Xinghai Piano healthy development, encourage children piano talent thrive. Some well-known at home and abroad enterprise groups, business groups have invested, the people co. China Central Television, Beijing Television, Radio Beijing, People's Daily, Beijing Daily, Guangming Daily and other news more than a dozen units, each race are on the track of interviews and reports.



  Time flies, years such as flow, twinkling of an eye 24 years later, 2008, the 12th "Xinghai Cup" in FenSaiChang 36 cities nationwide were preliminary and more than 8900 small players in a fierce competition. Twelfth "Xinghai Cup" National Children's Piano Competition successfully concluded, the thirteenth "Xinghai Cup" National Children's Piano Competition in community care, support and help, the more success must also do more, do more more remarkable.

  "Xinghai Cup" to promote Chinese music education and piano popularization and improvement. Many educators are on the level of foreign piano young Chinese pianist expressed surprise! They can not imagine how China will increase the level of piano playing so fast. Indeed, like Lang Lang, Wang Xiaohan, Yuja Wang, Xu Chenxin and many other world-renowned young pianist, all previous "Xinghai Cup" contest winners. They represent the Chinese piano education and performance levels of today. They also underlined held "Xinghai Cup" tournament achievements and social benefits.

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