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660 days and nights - Rise Xinghai Industrial Park

Date:2016年8月12日 11:12



Tongzhou District in the light-Mechatronics Industrial Park, Xinghai Piano Group this eye-catching silver plant. 400 acres of land in the plant, plant two straight end in sight. Because each seat plant is 564 meters long, 72 meters wide and 8 meters high tall plant. Walking through the factory where, it can be seen everywhere: asphalt loop trail tiles, pine cypresses, green grass.

In this vibrant and inspiring environment Who would not think only in just 660 days and nights, where earth-shaking changes took place. Xinghai of "unity, hard work, realistic and innovative" spirit of the one by one "impossible" into a convincing reality. A modern, high-tech, new mechanisms "Xinghai Industrial Park" writing a new chapter in the development of enterprises.



2003-2004, for Xinghai people, this is the most memorable years, yet most rewarding two years. Because, at this time, "Xinghai" overcome the difficulties of the last decade have never encountered, all the staff from top to bottom as one, united, united, tenaciously spread from SARS, the market downturn, to stop air power, the transformation of relocation various troubled firmly came out. Especially in the enterprise vigorously readjust the structure, asset structure, product mix and increasing the value of the total assets in the process, "Xinghai," has taken a crucial step, and achieved very encouraging results.

In 2004, the "Xinghai" successfully completed the main construction companies and asset restructuring "Xinghai Industrial Park" construction, a new 120,000 square meters of new plants, nine companies successfully relocated, thousands of people move large, real to achieve a "transformation side, while relocation, put into production, production relocation correct," the stated objectives. Xinghai people at an alarming rate and perseverance to better achieve the goals of the 2004 main work, greatly advanced the speed "Xinghai" continue to grow and develop. In this regard, a light holding company and Beijing SASAC and other leaders and departments on the "Xinghai" achievements gave full affirmation and recognition.

"Asked him what so clear, the only water flowing." What spiritual strength and support and promote the thousands of employees so perseverance, perseverance, dedication to hard worked? That is the strong leadership "Xinghai spirit" and organizations at all levels and all Party members advanced nature can not be played irreplaceable role.

This year, from the beginning to the end, leaders at all levels and the broad masses of workers Xinghai been overwhelmed with difficulties, recurring problems, and instantly unexpected events, fleeting time, engaged in a desperate struggle. A field of Civil war, a time to kill the East block west. Xinghai is rally the people's power, is fighting firm Xinghai confidence is realistic temper Xinghai human will review the Xinghai innovation results.



Early in Xinghai industrial park construction, and the difficulties encountered by people Xinghai "hardships" to describe is not too much. Since then many things to do, according to the conventional impossible. The first difficulty is the result of an area of compensation to farmers; second problem is messy problem of the natural environment; the third question is "SARS" interference; fourth question is how to ensure progress of the project after the start.

In early 2004, in "the year started, when completed, the relocation of the year, was put into operation," the war of the General Assembly, to the number of large-scale relocation of enterprises the most difficult, after another move lasted a year. Xinghai nine companies, thousands of employees, with production of nearly a thousand kinds of Chinese and Western instruments, "pots and pans" and several hundred million of assets, in Beijing four, five counties continue to move and move. The implementation of such a large overall relocation, which is unique in the history of Xinghai, its workload is unprecedented.



  Speaking of "move", there also contains many painstaking ideological and political work. "Unforgettable homeland" This is the Chinese people's traditional customs and ideas. From the early 50s of last century until now, exactly half a century. Xinghai generations of people are hard to develop and labor in the yellow wood yard sixth piece of the legendary Feng Shui. Now, it is not only a modern garden-style factory, but also in its every corner has a story of endless talk. There Xinghai start the hardships, there are memories of growing Xinghai, Xinghai have brilliant performance, as well as Xinghai off the ladder. Emperors are hereby established "the town was" Xinghai people here have created many Chinese musical instrument industry "first."


  Speaking of a "move" you get a headache, a talk about "moving" We will find ways to back an extension. In order to solve these problems as soon as practical, the party and government leaders held a special meeting. We believe that the implementation of the overall relocation, to accelerate the development of enterprises Xinghai is an excellent opportunity. "Now or never", we have to repeatedly put this truth to tell you clearly. Like "a route, view, often and repeatedly, not only to a few people speak, let the masses know that" the same.


  In the year-long transformation of the relocation, whether in leading cadres, the masses of workers are still in the emergence of a number of typical characters and deeds, even awe-inspiring and touching story tear-jerking. Here are: ruthless female director; strategizing commander; dare to challenge the tough guy; Zhongxiao difficult-wide leaders. In addition, there are: male colleagues engineers and tireless team leader. Although construction Xinghai Park is tough, although corporate relocation is difficult, however, after everyone's efforts, hard work and carry forward the fear of fatigue, continuous fighting spirit, no matter how difficult was all overcome, and then a big impact and adverse all factors are reduced to a minimum of the range. Now, from those difficult to say if anyone disapproval.

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