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Lowther Cheele and "Xinghai" 30 years of reform

Date:2016年8月12日 11:15


Beijing musical instrument industry change with the development of the national economy, but also wavy forward. And true to enable enterprises to enter the stage of rapid development also should run from the reform and opening up 30 years. Especially in the 20 years of reform and opening up, the enterprise scale, product quality, exports hit record, pushed to new efficiency, technological innovation a few years would make "Xinghai" take foreign counterparts decades to reach cross. The introduction of intellectual and technical cooperation in multi-level and wide-ranging, but also shorten the gap with the world advanced level Xinghai Piano, is the technical upgrading and innovation so that the "Xinghai" takeoff plug in the wings.

1985 State Planning Commission approved a feasibility study Beijing piano factory technological transformation projects, determine the project with a total investment of 57.71 million yuan (including US $ 5 million) ?, rely mainly on loans to the introduction of advanced equipment and expand the plant, implementation of modern management so piano annual production capacity from 4,500 before the transformation to 3 million units, to meet international quality mid-range level, fundamentally change the old face, which is the largest in the history of a transformation.

After recognition and approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission, the former Ministry of Light Industry, Beijing, various commissions, a light Bureau, two technical transformation and intense start, this is a technical innovation to continue, based on the feasibility study report , to build a final assembly building of 10,000 square meters, and Tianpingbuqi way to invest $ 1.0 million to introduce advanced foreign equipment two sets of piano manufacturing, contract manufacturing pianos domestic equipment 53 sets, re-design and renovation of production line reached 12, the annual assembly of 50,000 high-quality piano goal. In just 18 months, it has built a new 6,000 square meters of production floor piano housing. A total length of 2.5 kilometers of the 12 production line put into operation all opened. A modern piano production base takes shape, two successful transformation, and further increase the Beijing Piano Factory strength of competition in the market for piano production capacity and economic and technical indicators to fifth in the world to lay a solid forward basis.



The factory leader in technological innovation and thinking about a new subject, can never old products advanced production plant and equipment, to have a new breakthrough in the grade varieties, the goal is to enter the international market, then how can we improve the quality of the product level, how can the upgrading of it?

For a shorter period of time, a faster pace, as much as possible to shorten the gap with the world advanced level of industrial instruments. Leaders of the factory decided to adopt "a joint venture, cooperation, the introduction of talent" approach, stone attack hills jade Xinghai, the multi-explorations in the national and Beijing to introduce support intelligence office, the "Xinghai" and the German piano manufacturing experts Lowther Mr. Mitchell entered into a collaboration. Mr. Mitchell has worked worked seven piano factory in Germany, Japan, Korea, Britain, South Africa, Russia and other countries, and have good performance. Mr. Mitchell comprehensive knowledge and skills both piano manufacturers, but also has a wealth of management experience and ability, but also with more than 40 musical instruments dealer more than thirty countries around the world have extensive trade ties, is an internationally quite prestigious piano manufacturing experts.



  After November 4, 1988, Mr. Mitchell hired Beijing Piano Factory deputy director and chief engineer, strict management, rigorous style, breaking the decades followed the old pattern, established a science and technology leader system, to adjust the management mechanism of enterprises, production order to rectify the scene, and promote the process of technological transformation, while improvements in technology have enhanced the quality of management. He devoted energy and effort to try to resolve obstacles to the production and development of Xinghai Piano, in the year he worked on the design, guidance, four styles to create a unique new upright piano, but also by the Chinese player won. These new products at the Canton Fair a year show just signed with foreign investors on the 2600 Order of the contract. The second year in Frankfurt, Germany on an international instrument Expo exhibition once again, but also by many countries, businessmen welcome, but also with more than 20 countries and regions instrument dealers to establish a sub-agent and agency agreements, and some foreign investors during the intersessional later, another power transmission or in person to Beijing to discuss the updating of the contract. To meet the needs of the community, Mr. Mitchell in two years and has developed eight new products, followed by the old product improvement, so that the old brand-name products of better quality. New product development, Mr. Mitchell also repeatedly won the Ministry of Light Industry, Beijing Excellent Product Award, won the gold medal and the Ministry of light industry products export international quality gold.


  Mr. Mitchell also training and training a group of managers and technical backbone during the factory. Mr. Mitchell with the company in order to work, set up a specialist office during follow Mitchell work, expert engineering and technical personnel do a Mr. Mitchell learned violin making experience and design ideas, but also to understand the different parts of the world for piano different requirements, such as: style, color, sound, tone hobbies, etc., for the Xinghai piano marketable around the world to provide accurate basis. Mr. Mitchell of these young technicians also care a plus, caring, more willing to put their experience and expertise to donate. Due to the increased technical and operational quality,? Scientific and technical personnel of enterprises yourself also improved 118-type piano, research and development of the S-45 American antique piano, 123XK modern oriental, 117XK Nordic and other 18 kinds of new modern piano.



As in Beijing Xinghai Piano Group for nearly 20 years, and the Beijing Municipal Government awarded the "Beijing honorary citizen" of the German piano maker expert Lowther, Mr. Mitchell, in 2008 and by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee invite , came to Beijing to attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

After attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and a few visits, Mr. Mitchell on his way to Xinghai industrial park guidance. Mr. Mitchell this time to Xinghai coincided with two experts from South Korea and Chinese experts jointly developed a new grand piano available. Nearly seventy years of age, Mr. Mitchell first seriously look at a new product drawings, design ideas, the basic structure of the new features are all fully affirmed, but also made a few comments should be noted. Subsequently, Mr. Mitchell also viewed with great interest the transformation of the new grand piano production line. He watched and highlighted some key technical points and to process improvement, quality control and critical dimensions of the key components of the control measures put forward valuable suggestions.



Beijing summer temperatures up to 35 °, to verify critical dimensions of the finished product, in spite of Mr. Mitchell is hot, regardless of dirty tired, sit directly on the floor in earnest check the bottom of the piano every part size, technical personnel should patiently guide What improvements and some of the main points made. All officers at the scene were all visibly moved. This touching scene scenes fully reflects the precise German experts working style and dedicated work of the spirit.

Xinghai three decades of reform, not only embodies the Xinghai unity, hard work, realistic and innovative spirit of enterprise, but also learned valuable experience of foreign experts. Xinghai company developing small workshop-style factories into an international first-class modern large-scale enterprises. Every step of the combination of the efforts of people and friends Xinghai support of all, particularly the German piano manufacturing experts Lowther, Mr. Mitchell and "Xinghai" of the piano is denied.



As chairman of the old Zhai Recreation speak:

Please foreign director, spend money to buy Western style, the impact of our "rustic", the traditional concept of the impact of our decades;

Please foreign director, spend money mechanism, the impact of our inert gas, breaking the egalitarianism big pot, and promote people's creativity, enhance people's sense of obedience;

Please foreign director, spend money on open, adjust the product structure, to enable enterprises to save the day;

Please foreign director to spend money to buy insurance, accelerated technological progress to ensure technological achievements;

Please foreign director to pay for support, attracted more preferential policies;

Please foreign director to spend money on the market to re-open the international market, but also set off a domestic hot Mitchell piano.

This is really a "by the west wind," dial of a string arpeggios, bear many fruits.

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