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The world's largest piano piano --15 feet super Birth

Date:2016年8月12日 11:19


When people entered the Great Hall, a giant piano particularly eye-catching, it is not only attracted many people stop to watch, many more people before this grand piano photo. China Central Television, Beijing Television, Sina.com, competing newspaper, the Beijing Times and many other media have had this grand piano generated great interest, some newspapers also published a number of illustrations message. However, there are a lot of people do not know the origins of this grand piano.

Say no one saw the piano, to say the world's largest piano is not necessarily seen anyone, I say that the greatest piano exactly how many people can say clearly it is not certain.

According to the World practice, the largest piano is a nine-foot grand piano. However, as early as 50 years ago, the Chinese people has produced so far the world's largest, is the world's only 15 feet a large grand piano. This is the Beijing Piano Factory in 1959 for the newly completed auditorium of the Great Hall of people tailor-made, as well as new Chinese musical instruments to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the workers and the offer of a gift.



  In 1959, in order to meet the tenth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Beijing staged a "Top Ten Construction." Great Hall is one of a large building. Before the completion of the Great Hall of Premier Zhou Enlai visited, people he saw on the stage of the auditorium decorated with a six feet and a half grand piano feel a bit disproportionate, he suggested that the ability to do a large proportion commensurate with the stage piano. At that time people auditorium stage design scale can be said is unprecedented, said that only here can show large music and dance epic "The East is Red", it brings together over 3,000 actors. Such enormous stage, this magnificent building in the architectural history of the world is rare. To create an appropriate proportion to the stage piano should be? No one has ever seen, no one has been engaged. At that time people have an enthusiasm for the revolution, there is a fearless spirit, if you dare Gangan, since Premier Zhou Enlai gave instructions as capital instruments workers had to be made by the Prime Minister to complete the task.



July 12, 1959, a grand piano production began, when the plant leadership and technical staff read a lot of technical information, but the world's largest piano only 9 feet, 12 feet, I heard Czech done, but no one seen. We engage in the end how much it? Since it is a large Great Hall of the few buildings in the world, we also engage in a little world of piano, creating one of the world's best. Finally decided to engage in a 15-foot piano, on such a historic musical instrument industry conference will be kicked off the war.

Piano belong king of instruments, all the parts are more than 8,000, it is not the same as other instruments and manufacturing, all manufacturing process and industrial level of a country is closely related. Because of its production process, raw materials and parts to be involved in the country's iron and steel industry, foundry industry, textile industry, chemical industry and processing equipment and technical means. However, as emerging from a war-torn era, just completed a period of economic recovery in China, the manufacturing stage a person not manufactured piano, so great difficulties are well known. Foreigners piano since the invention has now been 300 years of history, when the Chinese people can make only a very short piano experience. Under normal circumstances, a large grand piano manufacturing requires 8-12 months of production cycles. This piano must be sent to the Great Hall of the September 29, leaving Xinghai workers for only less than 80 days. In such a short period of time, there is no sufficient research and development, could only edge research, edge design, manufacturing side, and must be a success, from the time it does not allow rework and waste. One can imagine, when the workers how much pressure it. Now, these people said: "We do not mind anything else, just think how to ensure the completion of the task, how to ensure the progress of time, how high quality the piano made out on time to the Great Hall of the piano."



At that time, in order to make this outline of the piano, the factory director, secretary, technical personnel and skilled workers make up the most exquisite trial team. Because never engaged in such a big piano, it did not end the psychological, with experience in many places are groping for. Taking into account such a big piano, bass strings must be very long, treble, alto volume there will be problems, the workers broke precedent in the region and created a treble four strings each sound design, in increasing the volume on the secondary tone.

In the production also encountered several big problems, first of all, is how to ensure the shell of the piano and the keyboard is not deformed, and then how to ensure sound board does not crack, how to ensure that iron can load, how to ensure that the piano lid can be lithe open. There is a variety of conventional processing methods have to die, for example, making strings a "hammer car" just is not long enough, there, do a light piano shell mold have more than two months, if there is no tire and how to do it with a shell. However, just in front of the single-minded success Xinghai workers with experience and wisdom they put these problems are all cracked. For example, they used the southern approach to the production of cask made piano shell ensures that no deformation; hollow keel plus production method ensures that the piano lid large lightweight; slapping the car long enough to put two cars together to fight chord, in short, they succeeded. There are several hundred years experience in violin foreigners even thought of things, let only a few years Chinese workers experienced luthier pulled off at 78 days.



  After this piano produced many pianists have bounced over. 1950s, the former Soviet Union Song and Dance Ensemble, Ballet gig with it; in the 1980s, former British Prime Minister Edward Heath on persons with disabilities was held in the Great Hall of charity through with this piano; the late 20th century, Japan piano piano manufacturing experts say this is a miracle. Whenever the Great Hall of the important foreign affairs activities, it will be in ten thousand lights shine once again sounded loud and glorious music. 50 years later, this world's most grand piano in the Great Hall, the piano still, style remains, which sing the praises of the great achievements of New China;

It witnessed new changes in China's development experience; it interprets what inventions; it shows what the glory and pride; it sing the melody of reform and opening up; it praised the Beijing Piano Factory initiative. "Xinghai" embedded engraved on the piano the two characters, the people musician Xian Xinghai Xinghai workers entrepreneurial spirit and footprints are closely linked together.

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