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Trademarks and musician Xian Xinghai Xinghai people

Date:2016年8月12日 11:21

Speaking Xinghai trademarks, technology leaders can not help but think of the initial construction --- Guan Zhaoyuan director. He Xinghai trademark creation, protection and enabled to play an important role.

1956 Off Zhaoyuan Gang transferred to Beijing musical instrument, a time when he was "young and scholar emotional," Love, he visited many factories at the Industrial Research Bureau, Beijing place to work, studying many business management books.


Research some famous domestic and foreign experience of plants and edited, "said business management," a book he had done journalism, coupled with time attendance studied music, rich life and work experience, he decided Gaorenyichou brand awareness and market awareness. Off to plant director soon, he determined the creation of a trademark on behalf of the Chinese national spirit but also has characteristics of the enterprise.

? The trademark and how to establish it in accordance with world practice, trademark musical instruments typically contains two habits, choose one business owner's name as a trademark, for example: "Steinway" is the boss's name. The other is the selection of the most famous and influential musician's name.


Follow the traditional practices, Guan Zhao Yuan decided to use China's most influential musician Xian Xinghai's name as a trademark Beijing musical instrument products. One of the reasons is that Chairman Mao Xian Xinghai handwritten inscription praised "people's musician"; second is known as the soul of the Chinese nation Xian Xinghai's masterpiece "Yellow River Cantata"; Third, Source Beijing musical instrument industry and Yan'an , and Lu Yi, and Xian Xinghai also inextricably linked; Fourth, sea stars and easy graphical, easy to remember. Pentagram highest in the sky, the sky, shine, symbol of the party's great, glorious and correct, five Watermark curve represents both the sea, showing the rhythm of the music staves. Taking into account the Xinghai product will be all over the world, so they use the Roman alphabet HSINGHAI at the top mark marked "Xinghai." Two among the Chinese Trademark "Xinghai" is the national emblem designers specially invited Gaozhuang writing. Entire logo is circular, both for the traditional cast iron on the piano, but also to show the product in other instruments.



He used the name as a trademark Xian Xinghai has another meaning. In his view, the "Xinghai," the word as a trademark-made piano, can long ambition of the Chinese people, Comrade Xinghai Xian Xinghai workers to follow the example of learning and a high degree of patriotism for the people the spirit of dedication to motivate employees to forge ahead , hard work, create high-quality musical instruments. His idea, to become future Xinghai company advocated "Xinghai spirit" of the prototype.

"Xinghai" trademark to enable year, Xinghai Piano began exporting to Southeast Asia and northern Europe, Finland and some other countries. In addition to piano, the other instruments after Beijing produced products simultaneously adopted the "Xinghai" trademark.



  "Xinghai" After decades of development, has not forgotten the people musician Xian Xinghai Xinghai trademark and origin. Xian Xinghai Xian Nina is the only daughter, October 30, 1945, just five years old when her illness Xian Xinghai former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan's death, sustenance for his father's grief, Xian Nina always wanted to have a "Xinghai "brand piano. 1985 Xinghai company a chance to get this message, it decided to license a Xinghai Piano presented to her. To this end, the company leaders also arranged a special Xinghai violin experienced engineers Pan Zhonghua master, carefully selected for the Xian Xinghai daughter piano, piano factory art division in the top right corner of the door also carefully inlaid with "Xinghai spirit lives on," the six characters to identify Xinghai human mind.



The passage of time, in the Great Hall of the People to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the musician Xian Xinghai Concert, a foot and a half Xinghai Concert dedicated Pai Gow playing the piano and accompanied by the majestic "Yellow River Cantata" make people's blood boil.

Today, the brand Xinghai Piano has two consecutive terms as the "Chinese famous brand" products, Xinghai trademarks have been identified as "China Famous Brand." Trademark Xinghai Xian Xinghai wise and "unity, hard work, realistic and innovative" spirit Xinghai Xinghai also become a corporate culture of the soul.




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