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"Xinghai" Yan'an "Lu Xun"

Date:2016年8月9日 11:25

Many people know that "Xinghai" There have been 60 years of history and build factories since 1949, but few people know that "Xinghai" Before construction there are decades of "revolutionary history", this history can be traced back Yan'an "Lu Yi" period.

Year in Yan'an Lu Xun Art Troupe cello performer Zhang Zhen Fu is the "Xinghai," the founder of the oldest, he was still Lu Yi music teacher, has also been studied in France for further study music and art theory. 1946 in Yanan Zhang Zhen Fu Symphony deputy head, in spite of the revolution, that task is very busy, but the research and production of musical instruments has no desire and determination wavered, even in the march, and he also carried the piano board wood ,, one will be free to stick with the piano. Because it was very difficult conditions, in the liberated areas simply can not buy the piano, just do it yourself. At that time literary soldiers cherish their musical instruments, more important than his own life, day and night leave the body, where to go, for fear of the instrument is destroyed. Once the instrument appears damaged it is difficult to repair. Literary soldiers no musical instruments, equivalent to the soldiers lost weapons. Zhang Zhen Fu know the truth, and most can understand the mood literary soldiers. So, taking the time he concentrated on studying the production and repair of musical instruments, tools do everything possible to make the purchase and production of musical instruments. His best violin making, by making his violin, cello, and continuously enrich the orchestra performances.

Adhere to the revolutionary struggle was in Yan'an very hard, sometimes encounter the situation is grim, when troops but also for emergency transfer and evacuation, but also often easier to move forward in order to abandon something and a hard-walled and supplies. Especially in the offensive Yanan Hu Tsung-nan, the struggle situation worse, but in any case the transfer and evacuation, no matter what abandon, what Jianbi, Zhang Zhen Fu always reluctant to make tools and piano piano up or throw away a hard-walled material.

January 31, 1949, the peaceful liberation of Beijing, Chen Yisheng for the realization of the Red Army soldiers Zhang Zhen Fu's wishes, there and everywhere, all the help, the leaders and the reason repeatedly stated to the authorities to be the founder of the instrument plant. March 1949, the central authorities approved Comrade Chen Yisheng application and instructed the management of the Central Government Offices New China's economic construction company allocated 100,000 yuan (old currency) as start-up capital, the Beijing Hutong Dongdan nuggets No.5 a small building (a total of 14.5 Housing) to the plant as a musical instrument, is determined by the organization responsible for the preparation of Comrade Chen Yisheng, when completed under the North China people's Backstage leadership. Approved a new allocation to the art troupe of college students to pick one or two assistants. Chen Yisheng selected in Beijing in piano, organ repair and tuning quite well known master Wang Bryan and Beijing Normal University Art Troupe of the students may be assigned to Huiquan start preparatory work.


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