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Xinghai Piano settled in the National Grand Theatre

Date:2016年8月9日 11:25

The west side of the Great Hall of the majestic, a limpid blue water off with a glittering giant egg, which is the world famous Chinese "National Grand Theater."

Theatre by the shell surface of titanium metal plate 18398 and 1226 ultra-white glass mosaic clever, creating a stage curtain slowly opened visual effects. Housing is surrounded by a large artificial lake and green plants composed of culture and leisure plaza, not only beautify the landscape outside the theater, but also reflects the harmony between man and nature concept of communion.

National Grand Theater Concert Hall style, fresh and elegant, suitable for playing a large symphony, folk music, and organize concerts. The world's largest pipe organ in the concert hall, to meet the various needs of different genres work performance. In addition digital wall, very modern aesthetic abstract relief ceiling, GRC wall panels Turtle anti-sound design allows sound evenly, gently diffuse reflection, so that Hall has the perfect combination of architectural aesthetics and acoustic aesthetics.

This top-class music hall, must be equipped with a world-class concert piano. To this end, the Grand Theatre Arts Commission specifically delegated famous pianist Liu Shikun and the Central Conservatory of Music Piano Department Professor Wu Ying Qin is responsible for the election. Xinghai leadership of the company at the time of the completion of the Grand Theatre yet to do a study, to be like 50 years ago as the Great Hall of the special 15 feet large concert harp as also the highest level for the country music hall of the National Grand Theatre, a special high concert level piano. This idea led to the Grand Theatre just a briefing, immediately get their support. A tense and well-production work carried out, the existing engineering and technical personnel in concert with a piano on the basis of bold improvements, redesigned the source string column system; and selected the best European scale production of wood loosely soundboard; selection the world's most advanced hammer machine; Xinghai by the most experienced team of senior technicians production. After the completion of the new product and to request Mr. Zhou Guangren, Professor Yang Jun, Professor Li Qifang etc. audition pianist, comments, convene an expert appraisal, and after a well-known pianist Shi Shucheng teacher and playing music at the show. Finally, Professor Wu Ying also this piano settled before the National Theatre, has conducted a detailed examination.

After completion of this special piano, the principal leaders of Xinghai company also personally informed in detail of the production process and identification of this piano to the National Theatre leadership. And implement the piano ceremony related matters.

December 4, 2007, the world's attention the National Concert Hall, and finally opened the first concert-cum-acoustic testing concert curtain. This concert is both a test of the acoustics of a hall-quality testing, but also trust Xinghai Piano, testing and appreciation. This is also the National Concert Hall after the completion of the first to usher in capacity audience, staged the first large-scale concert, the first piano cum Xinghai Piano, is the only National Grand Theater after a homemade piano settled first debut. Moderator First we must take prompt excitement tickets save spot, because it not only has a special significance, but also a certain value to the collection.

The concert served as the protagonist of "Yu Ying Bei full Alumni Choir old expert" and China Youth Orchestra. In the nearly three-hour show, except for the last show by the China Youth Symphony Orchestra and accompaniment, Xinghai Piano accompaniment assumed the task all night. Depending on the style of the track, in Zhao Qing and Huang Peiying Levin professor of piano at two hands, sometimes to show the magnificent, strong melodies, flowing sometimes cheerful, gentle tone, so that each of the first chorus, solo songs have been the most perfect performance . Xinghai Piano its pure sound quality, beautiful tone again interpretation of the "China Famous Brand" and "national product quality inspection" of the essence.

April 30, 2008, Xinghai Piano Group donated to the National Grand Theater piano ceremony, held at the National Theatre on the second floor conference room. A brand new Xinghai Concert special grand piano draped red silk ball waiting "married." Conference hall filled with pianist invited to attend, news reporters and both the leaders and related personnel. When the NCPA party secretary and vice president Wang Zhengming, Zhao Huichen Xinghai Piano Group general manager and party secretary Zeng Zemin and pianist, educator Zhou Guangren jointly opened covered in red silk on the piano, the audience broke into enthusiastic applause. . Grand Theatre choice of many of the world famous piano, the only one made high-quality piano - Xinghai Piano so Fengfengguangguang settled in the world's top National Theatre.

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