1.Company Profile

National large-scale industrial enterprises, formerly established in 1949 in Beijing Piano Factory. 2005 by the Chaoyang District Shuangjing moved to Tongzhou District Drainage electromechanical industrial park, Xinghai Park covers an area of 178,423.36 square meters, existing staff of 1,000 people. The company consists of five production plants, five industrial branches, a branch of the property, a commercial subsidiary, a joint venture subsidiary, a piano skills training school, a music school training.

2.Basic Situation

  Company Name   Beijing Xinghai Piano Group   Pollution Type   Gas Companies
  Organization Code   10116696-6   Address   Tongzhou District, electromechanical integration industrial base Kechuang No. 8 Dong Wu Jie
  longitude   116.5548   latitude   39.8146
  legal representative   Zhu Ningwei   Industry   Western musical instrument manufacturing
  Contacts   Yan Zengjun   Contact Number  
  Commissioning Time     Self-monitoring Methods   Manual monitoring
  Automatic Monitoring operation and maintenance mode   A third party operators:no   Manual monitoring methods   Commissioned testing organizations:Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis Center
  Pollutant emissions     Main Products   Piano
  The main production process     Treatment Facilities  
  Production Cycle     Company Website URL External Information Disclosure   http://www.xhpiano.com/

3. Schematic diagram of monitoring points