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  • Product name: 14 new commemorative edition piano JH132
  • Product number: JNH005
  • Time on shelves: 2014-10-02
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    (1)The source can continue to use the European design concept, first use of iron paint finishing gold shiny coating, develop new varieties of piano iron decorative coating, the iron becomes both beautiful and fashion, but also improve the flatness of plate. The use of high-quality soundboard fish phosphorus treated spruce, drying process strictly.

  (2)Germany imported R SLAU strings, can withstand greater tension, maintain durable, ensuring the sound of pure static and beautiful. The German standard peg board can guarantee the peg nail holding ability, make a more lasting stable intonation.

  (3)Design extension of the typical European style, elegant simplicity, color black, give a person with high-grade generous feeling。

  (4)String machine bracket using flash gold paint decorative surface, which improves the quality of surface support, and enhance the level of action. Hammer using German able hammer, to ensure the full and melodious music.

  (5)Dry processing strict selection of high-quality spruce piano keyboard plate, uniform color, avoid deformation caused by various special-shaped wood, the keyboard is durable, imitation ivory white keys with ebony black keys to the keyboard playing comfort. The keys one by one weight processing technology, to achieve a unified keyboard touch feel, ensure smooth play, sound stability.

 (6) each organ of the assembly is finely sorted by the technician to make it more comfortable to play.
(7) pedal and exterior metal parts
The new patent pedal, strictly abide by the principle of human engineering, modeling exquisite, model casting steel pedal chrome surface, utility modeling pedal pedal rotation of the bearing is arranged on the shaft in the right, in order to obtain the motion effect is more sensitive.
Piano hardware pieces of exquisite, high-quality hardware.
Piano caster using wheel structure design exquisite, flexible operation.



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