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  • Product name: Hyde HS-22S high-end series of Piano (German)
  • Product number: A04
  • Time on shelves: 2013-06-28
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HS-22S/T/R national unified retail price: 28700 yuan / shelf
1 steel by vacuum casting technology, improve the tensile properties, the angular clear, delicate surface, spraying the Xinghai patented technology new bright flashing paint, highlighting the metal texture, according to the design principle of the structure of the piano sound, improve the vibration performance of CO three register.
2 using solid spruce soundboard material, dry for more than five years again after drying and selected uniform texture design of unequal thickness structure enables better performance and resonance vibration of each range.
3 action from Germany's top Reynolds (RENNER) technology, its precision is high, the technical level is high.
The special technology of Germany OBO plate with 4 peg board, made of multi-layer wood, has a better sound stability.
The 5 keyboard is not easy deformation of the pine material, each of the keys by static resistance detection after adjustment, the touch sensitive, delicate playing skills, great performance.
6 imported from Germany Ross (ROSLAU) strings can bear larger tensile, hammer is used in Germany imported wool felt, and after several needle adjustment, hammer beating the strings through the string passed to the code after the timbre soundboard, magnificent, vigorous and graceful, has rich expressive force.
7 pedal to change the traditional structure, the use of patent design, so that the performance of the pedal when the pedal is more comfortable, pedal drive shaft using a sealed bearing, without any noise.