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  • Product name: 凯旋k-132高端系列钢琴
  • Product number: A3-007
  • Time on shelves: 2013-06-27
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K-132 black market price: 34500 yuan / shelf
K series vertical Xinghai Piano Department senior mature production years of HsingHai Piano Group Co. Ltd. of Beijing cooperation with foreign manufacturers. By HsingHai Piano designer, perfect, its configuration is much higher than the original product, its stability, weatherability and durability are very excellent.
1 hammer using imported German Abel products, the more mellow timbre. The sound of pure soft, scale coherence, bass treble in a mountain spring round, clear and bright, not gone, not dry, with strong penetrating power and performance.
2 peg board peg board using the German OBO standards, the better stability of sound.
3 strings for the German ROSLOU piano wire, long string, provide pure sound resonance soundboard accurate stress assurance system.
4 spruce keyboard imitation ebony matte black keys, antibacterial and antiskid white key piece. Not only feel comfortable, movement sensitive, with good weather resistance.
5 the unique features of the mechanical design of the European foot valve. Adopts flexible drive technology, unique sensitive action, calm and quiet.
6 soundboard wood thick soundboard, spliced sticking process using natural wood hook, the amplitude of pre stress data soundboard design. The string code design has the special exquisite structure, everywhere manifests the pre stress rigorous data guarantee.
7 shell; Organic Black Black application, using melamine board, long-term paint does not collapse, not easy to deformation, film formation. All natural color Qin mahogany wood veneer decoration; melamine plate bending bond cover inside a thin color organ, the technology in the China for my company exclusive. The product structure is firm, the layout is reasonable, the outward appearance modelling line is smooth, elegant and generous, extremely the traditional craft esthetics characteristic.