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  • Product name: BU-23
  • Product number: A5-002
  • Time on shelves: 2013-06-27
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BU-23 market unified retail price: 30000 yuan / shelf
Bach Dov piano is HsingHai Piano Group Co. Ltd. of Beijing new brand series of products, including BU and BG vertical piano piano. The series of products using the traditional German piano design concept, design ideas with German piano Design Master Mr. Lowther - Cher, adopted the German technical standard of similar products made.
Dreamy color flash material formed by spraying iron plate with metal texture, unequal thickness structure of pure natural spruce wood soundboard is made by imported from Germany ROSLAU (Luo Silao) strings, string mallet wood core made of imported mahogany, hammer felt for the German 3A felt that the high, medium and bass over coherence. Excellent acoustic quality,
The new action using the German standard design, to ensure the performance of hammer striking force and continuous action of the.
The keyboard and the new string machine supporting the design, selection of high-quality wood, in order to prevent the deformation of special processing is made, imitation ivory white keys, pure ebony keys, each key after testing the static resistance after weight adjustment, can play a comfortable, touch sensitive keys, has the rich feel, achieve the effect of the combination of piano.
Appearance reflects the popular style in Europe today, the combination of the curve and the straight line, the overall shape of the beautiful and generous, slow down the key cap fully show the humanistic care.