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Piano tuning course - enrollment brochure

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Piano tuning course - enrollment brochure

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2017-8-3 10:46
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Piano tuning as a skill more and more widely recognized by the community, with the rapid development of China's piano manufacturing and people's material and cultural level, the family piano share also increased year by year. Faced with such a broad piano market, in urgent need of a number of high-quality, specially trained and trained, master the skills of skilled professionals to meet the needs of society. While the reality of piano tunes practitioners less, especially those who have received formal training less, mostly fish. As a piano manufacturer, we have the responsibility to regulate the market, because our professional qualifications and the actual operation of the training venues have someone else can not match the advantages. This kind of resources for us to cultivate qualified tunes talent to create a very good condition, in order to cultivate more useful talents to the community, to meet the determination to learn the needs of technical personnel. Therefore, we decided to start a piano tuning course. The latest issue of the opening hours: June 20, 2017 to the school reported to the payment, for admission procedures, 21 official class.

  First, the purpose of running: by participating in the piano tuning training courses so that students:

1, master the basic theoretical knowledge of piano tuning;
2, master the correct method of tuning;
3, master the whole process of tuning the actual operation of the basic skills;
4, with piano tuning industry professional qualifications, and can be applied to practice, to serve the community.
Second, the curriculum: set up courses are as follows:
1, piano tuning technology 2, piano structure process 3, piano finishing process
4, piano repair 5, piano tuning adjustment lectures 6, the appearance of paint lectures
Third, enrollment object: a certain musical quality, and love piano tuning professional friends.
Fourth, semester arrangements: the class for three semesters, perennial enrollment.
5, graduation examination qualified, the school awarded Xinghai Piano Group company certificate.
Six, registration Tel: 010-81504828 or 010-81503688 turn 231
Seven bus ride: Beijing West Railway Station South Square ride 820 bus, Kechuang five street stop; Beijing East Station take the 637 bus, North God tree west exit, transfer 820 Road, a record five street Get off; Beijing South Railway Station to Yongdingmen long-distance bus station take 986 Road to Kechuang second street stop, find Xinghai Piano Group company to find Xinghai school.
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