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Hand in hand with new and old friends, cooperation and win-win glorious chapter - Xinghai piano 47th National Dealers Conference

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Hand in hand with new and old friends, cooperation and win-win glorious chapter - Xinghai piano 47th National Dealers Conference

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2017-8-30 19:47
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December 15, Xinghai company dealers from all over the country went to Beijing, ushered in the 47th National Dealers Conference was held. The meeting will be held one day, the morning dealer meeting, business negotiations; afternoon in the Beijing Institute of Education Chaoyang Branch affiliated school academic lecture hall, Xinghai Group and easy to play the company held Xinghai FIND piano project signing ceremony, Beijing a light holding limited liability Company Party Committee Standing Committee, Chief Engineer Ge Yun Cheng, Central Conservatory of Music Professor Zhang Jin and other leaders witnessed this historical moment. Followed by a description of the Xinghai music classroom project and business model description and promotional activities. Night dealers together, a total of Syria friendship, look to the future, the dealer conference to a climax.
The morning dealer's meeting kicked off in a warm atmosphere. More than 200 dealers across the country attended the meeting. Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Ningwei, general manager Meng Yu, party secretary Jin Dajun, trade union chairman Shen Qingwei, assistant general manager Liu Bin attended the meeting by the marketing minister Wang Shijie presided over. First of all, Chairman Zhu Ningwei made the opening speech. He has been adhering to the principle of "respect, trust, sincerity and mutual benefit" with all the dealers. "Xinghai has been adhering to the principle of" respect, trust, sincerity and mutual benefit ". He said: Xinghai has a strong brand advantage and a wide range of customer base; has a complete production chain and a huge market advantage, there is a loyal dealer team. Xinghai company in the future to the green manufacturing, open sharing concept, coordinated development of new industries to build a platform, with the country's dealers for a better future.
Responsible for the marketing assistant manager Liu Bin to all dealers reported the Xinghai 2016 annual marketing situation and 2017 brand building and marketing plan. Liu said that in 2016 by adjusting the product structure, to different dealers to provide differentiated products to Xinghai main triumph, Hyde series of sales increased significantly; Xinghai help dealers to participate in hundreds of government procurement projects; successfully held the first 16 Sunghai Cup National Children's Piano Competition, this event lasted 32 years, becoming the oldest and most authoritative children's piano competition. The competition set up 49 sub-games, more than 22,000 participants, the number of participants reached a record high. 2017 Xinghai will continue to high-quality products, attentive service and closely follow the market of new cross-industry cooperation projects and dealers together forge ahead and achieve win-win situation.
Next, the general manager of Luoyang Tian Yiqin of the package to send all the dealers to share the sale of Xinghai piano three years of annual sales from 30 units to 200 sets of valuable experience, he is very grateful to Xinghai company leadership support, but also Introduced their own performance growth process done bit by bit. His speech was the presence of all the dealers warm applause, everyone for his loyalty to the Xinghai brand moved by his dedication to the cause of cheers.
At the end of the meeting, Xingyu, general manager of Xinghai made a concluding statement. First of all, he analyzed the Xinghai company's industry background and geographical background, he said, China's traditional piano industry has been a major impact, the market environment has undergone great changes. The change of capital function requires Xinghai to change. Meng together with you to share the 2016 years since the reform and adjustment of Xinghai in the efforts made: first Xinghai is the production sector of the relocation and transfer, the establishment of a new production base to ensure Xinghai high-quality, complete industry chain. In addition, Xinghai in order to polish the brand Accumulate, through the "slow down quality" and other measures to improve quality. Promote product innovation and Shanghai easy to develop FIND intelligent piano project, next year will open up intelligent piano production line, rich Xinghai manufacturing capacity, increase the new profit point. Xinghai will actively promote the music education industry, the establishment of "piano education one-to-many music classroom", in Beijing primary and secondary schools to carry out free music education classroom. In the future, Xinghai will build a large state-owned joint-stock company integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and music education. It will extend Xinghai from manufacturing to service industry and continue to promote the development of high-end, standardization and brand The
In the afternoon, Xinghai company signed a ceremony with the easy-playing technology marks the Xinghai opened the smart piano era, which is Xinghai from the traditional piano to digital products from 0 to 1 the first step. During the meeting, Mr. Liu Xiaolu, chairman of the company, presented the "whole family piano" - Xinghai FIND intelligent piano playing mode. At the press conference, the famous piano educator, the Central Conservatory of Music Professor Zhang Jin to accompany the audience Bai Yanfeng came to the scene with FIND piano playing the "Yellow River Song" and spoke highly of the smart piano playing feel. In addition, the Beijing Institute of Education Chaoyang Branch affiliated school music teacher Fu teacher to show you the school one to many Xinghai piano classroom research and development results. In the evening, Xinghai company and the dealer representatives together to bring a spectacular performance.
The annual dealer conference ended satisfactorily. I believe that in the Xinghai company management team and the joint efforts of all Xinghai people, will be better products, higher quality, better service and national dealers work together to create a better Xinghai company tomorrow!
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