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Address: Tongzhou District of Beijing electromechanical integration industrial base Kechuang No. 8 Dong Wu Jie

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  Xinghai Piano Group is in 1994 by the Beijing Xinghai Musical Instruments joint company restructuring Western musical instrument manufacturing enterprise, is a large state industrial enterprises, established in 1949 in Beijing Piano Factory as the core plant, consists of six plants, three industrial branch two business branches, five joint-venture subsidiary, a branch of the property, a training school piano, a musical research institute, the company covers an area of 300,000 square meters overall, the existing staff of 2800 people, including professional technical and management personnel and senior thousand workers accounted for 35 percent of the total number of employees. Distinguished German piano manufacturing master Lowther·Mr. Mitchell consultant for the company. Key products include: vertical piano, grand piano, Western wind instruments, ethnic instruments, percussion, electronic musical instruments and musical accessories and other products. Enterprises in 1998 for the first time through the ISO9002 international quality certification in 2004, ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system version for the success of the book collection; in 2001 by the international ISO14001 environmental certification; in 2002“National Labor Award”
In 2005 he won the national title of civilized units; in 2006, not only won consecutive Xinghai“Chinese famous brand”The title,But also made“National exemption product quality”Qualifications, the same year, has been identified as a trademark Xinghai“a famous Chinese trademark”,Xinghai company among the“Chinese industrial enterprises in the vanguard”It ranks.
Enterprises Has won five international quality award, won consecutive National Light system "quality and efficiency of enterprises," the title, was named the China Musical Instrument Association "strong music industry enterprises", consecutive years won the "capital of civilized units pacesetter" title, serials It was named "the contract and keeping promises units" and "trustworthy enterprise" Trade and Industry Bureau thirteen years.
Over the past decade, the rapid development of enterprises, the rapid growth of major economic indicators, production scale Xinghai Piano has reached an annual output of more than 40,000 aircraft, ranking second in the country, ranked No. 49 in the top 225 in the world musical exports accounting for a quarter of total production of the piano, the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, Xinghai products in the domestic market has a high visibility and good reputation.
In 2005, Xinghai Piano Group in Beijing municipal government and the support of a light holding company, the total invested over 300 million yuan in Beijing's Tongzhou District, Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park Tongzhou Park-electromechanical integration industrial base in the construction of industrial parks Xinghai , a modernized instrument manufacturing plant where they stand. Currently the company formed a piano Xinghai 50,000 units (5,000 units in which the grand piano), West wind 80 000, 10 000 ethnic instruments, other instruments of production scale of 20,000.
Sincerely welcome domestic and international colleagues to join our company, concerted Gongzhu Xinghai instruments promising this vibrant city industry.